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Teens causing problems around Viewlands school

Mike emailed us about an incident he witnessed at the old Viewlands Elementary School on 3rd Avenue NW, just north of Holman Road:

Tonight a group of about 5-7 teens thought it would be fun to throw things at cars as they passed by on 3rd Ave. They had a couple of young kids on skateboards act as “lookouts.” I called the cops twice, and the second time they said somebody else had reported the projectiles as water balloons. Thankfully nobody got into an accident, but sadly the police were only able to make a quick pass an hour after our first call — and the kids came back right after! They appeared to be utilizing some younger kids (12 or 13) on skateboards to act as lookouts. A pretty advanced prank.
Viewlands is an easy place for miscreants to hide out, with frequent tagging in the back and easy access to Carkeek Park on foot. I’d love to start brainstorming how to make that area less appealing to them.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to help tackle this issue, please put a note in comments below.