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Tools to navigate city streets

The city recently launched a few different initiatives to keep people more informed of transportation issues.
The Construction Coordination website provides consolidated information about projects planned by city, regional and state transportation agencies, as well as large private developments and special events citywide.
The Construction Coordination site features interactive GIS-based maps with construction information displayed by quarter; planned detour routes; project information with a link to the project website and contacts; optional layers depicting bicycle and freight routes; and a link to the Washington State Department of Transportation 2009 Construction Web site.
The new Travelers Information website provides real-time information on traffic conditions for major arterial streets in Seattle, as well as nearby highways. It’s designed to be a one-stop trip planner with color-coded roadways indicating traffic volumes, plus images from city and state roadside cameras. It also displays information about traffic impacts from ongoing incidents or planned events, and links to mass transit resources.
Let us know if you’ve used either of these and how you like them.