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Exotic bird on the loose in Greenwood

We just got this email from Jason about an exotic bird on the loose in the neighborhood:

Living in Greenwood just got a bit weirder. I was mowing the front yard this morning when I spotted a tropical bird walk right past me, across the street, and into a neighbor’s yard. It is a beautiful bird with bright colors and about 3 feet in length.

I followed it in an attempt to catch it but those buggers are fast! I chased it all around my neighborhood (95th and 2nd in greenwood) with a garbage can in hand, but it flew into a backyard. After searching all over the suspected backyard (now three blocks away from my home) I was unable to catch it and eventually lost it.

Hopefully it has returned to the home it escaped from! If not, the owner can contact me: jsmith32@gmail.com for more info. Jason