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Raise a glass of PengWine for zoo’s penguins

The PengWine brand of wines from Chile started a fun promotion today to help raise money for Woodland Park Zoo’s new Humboldt penguin exhibit. PengWine’s seven wines are named after types of penguins. If you buy a bottle of PengWine’s Humboldt wine, they’ll donate $1 to WPZ.
According to PengWine’s website: 

The Humboldt is the classiest of the penguin species with their elegant demeanor and gait. Like the bird, our PengWine Humboldt is a sophisticated and complex wine with a gorgeous purple hue and layer upon layer of rich aromas, including baked apples, toasted hazelnuts, cherries and subtle violets. To create this delicate, yet powerful, flavor profile, five varieties of wine were combined to contribute to the final blend; Cabernet Sauvignon, for body, Merlot, for silkiness, Cabernet Franc, for maturity, Malbec for earthiness and color, and Petit Verdot for overall structure. The end result is a creamy, velvety wine that can be enjoyed today, but will improve and develop for the next five years. Humboldt’s elegance and richness are well paired with a juicy sirloin or beautiful piece of grilled portabella. Humboldt is an exclusive, first-class vintage that brings elegance and refinement to any meal or gathering. This wine is amazing now and will cellar gracefully for a few more years.

PengWine is available at select Seattle-area Albertson’s, including Magnolia and Aurora at 130th. Check out the full list here.
Thanks to Cassandra for the tip!