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Greenwood assault victim now breathing on his own

We just received an update late last night from Todd Boettger’s brother, Forrest, that Todd was taken off the ventilator yesterday and is now breathing on his own, nine days after being seriously assaulted in Greenwood.

Well on the 25th we finally heard the doctors say, “we dont think he is going to die” vs. “It’s too early to say” On the 26th they discontinued the drugs which cause paralasis and saw that Todd was able to move all but his left leg. By the evening Todd’s left leg started to move and they had to restrain his right hand because he was moving it towards the ventilator. Todd was not able to focus and his eyes would open but roll back in his head and shut as if exhausted, he would go back to sleep.

Todd had the ventilator removed yesterday and although had a rough couple of hours through the transistion is now breathing on his own. He is scheduled for facial reconstructive surgery tomorrow which is to last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours from start to finish then back to the ICU until hopefully no later than this weekend. He still today can not follow simple commands but I was told that this is normal for this type of brain trauma. Each brain injury is unique the doctors told me and only time will tell what Todd’s future holds.
Todd’s daughter Lillian went in to see her daddy today and Todd seemed to follow her with his eyes even turning his head towards her at one point. Lillian had mentioned that she would like to come in and read to her daddy when he is done with his surgery.

Forrest sent us this photo of Todd, which shows a long line of more than 50 staples in his skull. He has at least three skull fractures, along with a crushed left cheek and fractured left eye socket.

Forrest lives in San Diego but will come to Seattle in May to see his brother and try to raise $50,000 towards his medical care. You can donate to Todd and his daughter, Lillian, at any US Bank through the Todd Boettger Relief Fund. Forrest is looking for volunteers to help him in his fundraising. He can be reached at [email protected] or at 619-405-5343.

Please do not forget to mention that we appreciate all the help from Epilogue Books in Ballard for all their continued support and my heart is deeply touched for the kindness of the owner and staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste- Forrest Boettger