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Fishing Kids at Green Lake Saturday

Tricia sent us some great photos from the fifth annual Fishing Kids event by the Bathhouse Theatre at Green Lake today. Here are her kids Matthew (left), John and Annie (in white shirt with face hidden), getting a little instruction:
The program is put on by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, CAST for Kids, and Seattle Parks and Recreation. For $5, kids got a rod and reel, T-shirt, bait and could catch up to two fish. Fish & Wildlife rangers and Seattle firefighters talked to the kids about water safety, and volunteers showed kids how to bait their hook and use their rod and reel. Here’s Tricia’s son, Jojo, showing off his catch:

Catching the fish was actually quite easy — to get the kids excited (and mine were!) — at the swimming area behind the Bathhouse Theater they set up nets and stocked it with 4,000 trout! My kids came away with 2 each – so we definitely have a tasty dinner planned for tonight! Many helpful hands were on board (in orange vests) to help the kids catch fish and bop ’em on the head once they were out of the water. They even had a cleaning station set up to gut the fish so we could bring them home to eat.