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Acoustic music venue moves into old 12-step house

Berg tells us there’s a new business sign up for Empty Sea Studios at the old Craftsman house that used to house the 12 Step Shop at the corner of 63rd and Phinney.
Here’s what Empty Sea’s website says:

In a renovated Craftsman house on Seattle’s Phinney Ridge, Empty Sea Studios presents acoustic music as it’s meant to be heard.
I’m Michael Connolly, the owner and operator. I play and teach fiddle and mandolin in the bluegrass, Irish, and old-time styles, but I have a love for all sorts of music made with acoustic instruments. Over the past few months, my good friends and I have been working to convert this house into a 45-seat “listening room,” the kind of place we’ve all dreamed of playing in.

Empty Sea’s inaugural concert is May 3, featuring singing/song writing duo Coyote Grace. Check out Empty Sea’s website for ticket info.