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Major natural gas leak at 60th & 1st in Phinney

Seattle Fire Department responded to a “major” natural gas leak at 6016 1st Ave. NW this morning. Tipsters tell us it was a garbage truck leaking natural gas.
According to SFD’s Real-Time 911 log, the call first came in at 9:18 a.m. Six fire engines, three ladder trucks, HazMat, and a number of other teams responded.
A tipster who took pictures of the scene will be sending photos in a minute, so we’ll update the post soon.
Update: A tree limb was sticking out and broke off a valve on the tank of the natural gas-operated truck as it drove by. Thanks artman1951 for the photo and Steve for also tipping us!

Here’s another photo from artman1951 showing the damage close up: