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Lots of music during Art Up/Summer Streets

There were plenty of musical opportunities to be had Friday evening during the Summer Streets and Art Up Greenwood-Phinney event for those who looked and listened hard enough.

Here’s neighborhood fixture Gary Paine strumming away outside Johnson & Johnson Antiques:

And here’s Jeff Rodriguez, left, and Kelly McShane of Masters Mates and Pilots doing an accoustic set.

Brian Hart sent us this great photo of a street performer outside La Botana in Greenwood.

We didn’t get this artist’s name, but she put on a great set at SPACE: Design Center.

I believe this is Kelli Shaeffer (please correct me if I’m wrong) playing at Greenwood Collective, which has a great space for music.

And a violinist provided background music at the former location of Twig Children’s Botique.