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What’s closed tomorrow for county furlough day

Friday is the third of King County’s 10 furlough days to save money, and most county offices will be closed.
King County Sheriff’s Deputies and King County Medic One will respond to emergency calls through the 911 system as normal.
Metro buses will run on a regular schedule, but the Customer Information Office and phone line (206-553-3000) will be closed. Riders should use the online Trip Planner instead.
King County Solid Waste disposal and recycling facilities will be open, but administrative offices will be closed.
The remaining King County Furlough Days are: Friday, May 22; Friday, June 19; Mnday, July 6; Friday, Sept. 4; Monday, Oct. 12; Wednesday, Nov. 25; and Thursday, Dec. 24.
For a complete list of county facilities and their furlough-related open or closed status, click here.