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Greenwood Garage Sale Day lives on

Since the Phinney Neighborhood Association decided to delay its annual Greenwood Garage Sale Day from April to September, a number of people decided they couldn’t wait that long to clean out their clutter. So, at least a dozen houses around Phinney and Greenwood are sticking to the traditional date of the third Saturday in April for their own neighborhood garage sale event.
So, on April 18, you can check out garage sales at these places:
– 308 N. 77th St. Lots of gently used baby clothes, kids’ toys and gear.
– 161 and 165 NW 73rd
– 707 N. 60th St.
– 6752 9th Ave. NW
– 5 houses on Greenwood Ave. from 51st to 52nd 
– Several houses in the 6500 block of Sycamore Ave. NW
If you’re also having a garage sale that day, let us know and next week we’ll post an updated list of houses participating.