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Local father and son exhibit art in Pioneer Square

Neighborhood residents Eric Bass and his son, Kito Gilbert-Bass, are exhibiting their photography at Cafe Paloma in Pioneer Square through the end of May. “From this to…” features 10 of Eric’s 35 mm photos and two of Kito’s digital photos.

Here’s how Eric describes the exhibit:

Kito and Eric create art that roots out the finer details of what we all think is so obvious as we observe the world around us.
By taking a closer look at the ordinary they draw the extraordinary through to the surface. Did you really see what you thought you saw? Take another look….what do you see now? From This To…. observes the cavalcade of emotion and imagery that accompanies the annual journey from Winter through Summer. In yet another sense, it passes the torch from father to son.
Eric has been shooting photos for about 30 years here and there since making his first pinhole camera (which are easy to make and produce wickedly cool pictures…by the way), at an afterschool photography class. He has shown in various venues large and small around the Seattle Area since 1992.

Kito is an active filmmaker in his own right, but sorely wanted to debut two special pieces in this exhibition if only to show that the apple….doesn’t fall far from the tree. Enjoy!