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Bald eagle attacks duck at Green Lake

Ariane sent us a note about an interesting incident she witnessed at Green Lake yesterday:

As I was running around the lake yesterday on the Aurora side, near the tennis courts and parking lot, I see a bald eagle swoop down and grab an adult duck from the shore of the lake! The eagle tries to fly away with the duck, but it’s too heavy and can’t get more than a few feet off the water. As all this is happening, other ducks and crows are chasing the eagle, squawking at him, generally freaking out. The eagle flies out of my view with the duck, but comes back a minute or so later (no duck) and tries to attack a crow. He finally gives up and flies away.
It was snowing and raining, and the lake was completely empty – I wonder if anyone else saw this? It was insane! I grew up in Alaska and never saw an eagle attack anything, and here it is, right outside my door. Crazy!

Did anyone else witness this?