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Senior Center discusses ‘Elder Culture’

Greenwood Senior Center at 525 N. 85th St. hosts an interesting discussion topic Wednesday night: Creating a Vibrant Elderculture. It’s based on the book “The Making of an Elder Culture” by Theodore Roszak, who, in 1969, defined baby boomers in “The Making of a Counter Culture.”

In “The Making of an Elder Culture,” he outlines the possibilities for boomers as they age and reclaim their ’60’s values.
The free Senior Center discussion, from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, features facilitator Cecile Andrews, the author of “Slow is Beautiful” and “Circle of Simplicity,” and the founder of Phinney EcoVillage.
Click here to download Roszak’s latest book, which he published in installments on the Second Journey website (it’s free, but you can make a donation if you want). The downloads are only available through the end of March (which is Tuesday). After that, you’ll have to wait for the paperback to be published in the fall.