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Recycle glass bins for City Fruit

Since Seattle residents can now put all their glass right into the main recycling bin, what do you do with your old glass recycling bin? You can either put it out – upside down – next to your recycling cart and the city will take it and recycle it, or you can put it to good use hauling donated fruit.

City Fruit is the new name of a program dedicated to picking and donating Phinney and Greenwood’s surplus fruit. (The program was formerly known as Community Fruit Tree Harvest.) Program organizers say the old glass bins are great for storing, transporting and delivering fruit picked from neighborhood trees.

Think about collecting some of these from your neighbors. If you are willing to collect at least six plastic bins in your neighborhood to use for harvesting fruit – and you don’t know where to store them – let me know. If you need these bins for your oganization’s harvests, let me know. City Fruit will try to get bins from those that have them to those that need them – but let’s do it in batches of six or more. If you would like to get more involved in developing City Fruit and its projects, let us know. [email protected] or 206-818-5684.

Thanks to Cheryl for the tip!