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Have a story about pedestrian problems?

The Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group wants your stories about pedestrian issues, so that it can make the city’s Pedestrian Master Plan work for all.

At our February PMPAG meeting, we talked about the importance of using the Pedestrian Master Plan to tell the stories of various groups…and to address the challenges presented in those stories through the plan. Over the many months we’ve spent together, we’ve heard a variety of stories from all of you: Paul has spoken about the needs of people in an isolated nursing home; Richard has mentioned kids that want to walk to school; Becca has reminded us of the challenges faced by people in low income and traditionally underserved neighborhoods; Kate has talked about people in neighborhoods with missing sidewalks north of 85th; and BettyLou has advocated for the needs of seniors and those in SHA housing. These are only a few examples of the many stories you’ve shared.

If you’ve got a pedestrian story to share, please email it to Jennifer Wieland, Associate Transportation Planner with Seattle Department of Transportation, by Wednesday. Or call her with questions, 206-733-9970.
Stories don’t need to be long, just a paragraph or two. And if you have a photo to go with it, that would be helpful.