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Garage Sale Day moved to September

It’s been a rite of spring for a number of years, but the popular Greenwood Garage Sale Day has moved this year from the third weekend in April to September 12.
Chardell Paine, special events and membership director for the Phinney Neighborhood Association, which sponsors and advertises the event, says the weather has been awful on Garage Sale Day the last few years (remember the high winds and sleet last year?) So they decided to move it, but the PNA had too many other special events scheduled in other months, so they settled on September instead.
But a group of regular garage-salers have decided to go ahead and have their own garage sales on the traditional date – April 18 – and they invite everyone in the neighborhood to join them.
Diane Duthweiler and at least four of her neighbors near the zoo plan to sell their unwanted stuff. Here she is with neighbor John Davis with a few things they’ve already accumulated for the sale:

I would love to spread the word and get others in the neighborhood holding sales. The more households involved, the more the crowds come, so we can get rid of more stuff. One of the reasons we decided to go ahead is that we always joke that garage sale day is “the beginning of our summer social season” as often you see neighbors you haven’t seen all winter because we are all hiding in our houses. So as much as getting rid of our stuff, we like to walk around and chat with each other and catch up.

If you plan to also hold a garage sale that day, email Diane and she’ll include your address in her craigslist ad.