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Mud Bay Granary moving to Piper Village

We just got word that Mud Bay Granary, which will be displaced by a new development, has signed a lease to move a few blocks away into Piper Village.

The development under construction on 87th between 1st and Palatine fit Mud Bay’s criteria for a new location: Near to the current store at 8221 Greenwood Ave. N. 82nd and Greenwood, accessible by foot, and have about 5,000 square feet of space, said Mark Derricott, director of store development.

Derricott likes the “new urbanism” of the development, including its walkability and elements like pervious asphalt to let water back into the boggy soil. “Even though it’s new construction, it’s construction I can get excited about,” he said. “People won’t have to walk their pets across a parking lot to get to the store.” Here’s a shot we posted recently of a sidewalk going in.

The new location is about 20 percent larger than their current store, giving them some much-needed space for storage, unloading and other back-of-the-store needs. The store could open in July.