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New yard waste bins being delivered

The new yard waste bins are being delivered in the neighborhood. I saw a bunch along N. 87th St. near Greenwood Park. Here’s what the smallest, 13-gallon, bin looks like:

Starting at the end of March, yard waste will be picked up weekly instead of bi-weekly, and you’ll be able to put meat, fish and dairy scraps into the yard waste cart. The city will automatically provide a 13-gallon mini-can to households that don’t already subscribe to yard/food waste service. But you can fill out an online form to order a 32-gallon or 96-gallon can, or to request an exemption if you compost at home.
The new monthly cost for each bin is: 13-gallon mini-can, $3.60; 32-gallon can, $5.40; 96-gallon can, $6.90.