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Piper Village lane name winner goes on Top Ten Toys shopping spree

As promised, the winner of the Piper Village lane naming contest received a $300 gift certificate to Top Ten Toys, and immediately went on a shopping spree. That’s 6-year-old Kathleen Brown (a kindergartener at St. John’s Catholic School) with Gary Brunt, property manager and developer representative for Piper Village, and Allen Rickert, owner of Top Ten Toys:

Kathleen didn’t waste any time grabbing a shopping basket to start picking out her loot:

Kathleen’s winning entry was Morrow Lane, which was the name of the family who owned the land that Piper Village is on, behind the Blockbuster and Top Ten Toys building on 85th and Palatine. Piper Village is currently completing construction on The Sedges apartment building. Morrow Lane will run directly south of the apartments.