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Lead testing delay gives kid stuff crafters a break

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has delayed implementation of a law that could have forced some local crafters of kid stuff to implement costly lead testing or be considered illegal. There’s more in the P-I. One person quoted in the article said the law hurt many of the people who are trying to make kid-safe products.

“The irony is that many people who make handmade items do it specifically because they know those will be safe,” said Adam Brown, a spokesman for Etsy, a popular Web site offering handmade goods by 200,000 sellers.

The CPSC has granted a one year delay on testing and certification for crafters and childrens’ garment makers.

A couple months back, Wendy Powell at Childish Things raised alarm about the law, saying it could put consignment stores out of business as well. The CPSC later offered clarification on that point, saying consignment stores didn’t have to test their inventory, but that they should not sell items that were above the legal limit. But researching whether every used item is legal or not could pose its own challenges, one would think.

Thanks, Travis, for flagging the story for us.