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On-street bike parking in a neighborhood near you

With the number of bicyclists continuing to grow, the Seattle Department of Transportation is about to start creating on-street bicycle parking in local neighborhoods. Their goal is to have one to two per neighborhood, with installation of the first three starting next week, the closest of which will be near Green Lake.

Bike racks will fill one or two motor vehicle parking spaces on the street and be surrounded by a raised curb. According to the press release, each car-sized space will accommodate up to eight bikes. The initiative is part of the city’s Bicycle Master Plan, which aims to triple the number of people bicycling in Seattle over ten years.

John C. Todd, Jr., of the Greater Greenwood Bi/Ped Safety Coalition, highlighted the announcement for us, calling it a case of “life imitates art.”

In September, during Park(ing) Day, the coalition put together a park the size of a standard parking space on Greenwood Avenue just south of 85th Street. It included a large bike rack, a table and chairs and a soapbox.

Hmm… Maybe someone listened to what the soapbox speakers had to say. See more Park(ing) Day photos by Didi Anstett here.

The closest of the first three will be at the corner of Woodlawn Avenue NE and NE 70th Street (just east of Green Lake). The other two will go in on Broadway between East Harrison and East Republican streets, and at the corner of 12th Avenue and East Spring Street.

Expect to see these in additional neighborhoods later this year. For more info, or to request bicycle parking in your neighborhood, please contact the Seattle Department of Transportation at (206) 684-7583 or [email protected].