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Food Network films at Georgia’s Greek Deli

I stopped by Georgia’s Greek Restaurant & Deli on 85th and 3rd today to pick up some lunch and found a camera crew from the Food Network filming for a segment on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” hosted by Guy Fieri.

That’s bleach-blond Guy second from the right, and Georgia’s owner Laki Kazakos on the left, just after Laki lit the restaurant’s famous Saganaki (fried cheese) on fire (sorry for the poor cell phone photo quality – I wasn’t allowed to use a flash because of the professional cameras). And here’s Guy in the parking lot filming his stand-up, where he’s pretending he just got out of his red sports car and can’t wait to finally eat at Georgia’s:
In reality, they filmed that opening segment at the very end of two days of filming. And here he is doing yet another take after numerous flubs and technical challenges:
We’ll try to keep you posted on when the segment will air. By the way, Guy will appear on David Letterman on Wednesday night.