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Now you can track your ballot to make sure your vote counts

With King County now going to an all-mail ballot for the Feb. 3 election, the Elections Department has also instituted a way for voters to track those 1.1 million ballots online.
To use the online mail ballot tracker, enter your first and last name and birthday at the Mail Ballot Tracking page. The Web site pulls information from several steps in the tabulation process and allows voters to track their ballot at three locations to confirm the following: 
Track point #1: Your ballot packet was assembled and delivered to the post office by Elections.
Track point #2: King County received your returned ballot packet.
Track point #3: Your signature was verified and you will be credited with voting.
For more information on features of all-mail voting in King County or the Feb. 3 special election, see the King County Elections website.
Let us know how that Mail Ballot Tracker works for you, or if you have any problems.