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Watch for your mail-in ballot

King County is doing its first mail-only election, having just sent out about 1.1 million ballots for a Feb. 3 special election. For us, there’ll be only one item – choosing someone to fill the previously appointed position of King County Director of Elections, which is on the ballot for the first time.

The arrival of the absentee ballots mark an end to voting at polling places which got a rousing send-off in November’s general election.

On the ballot are former King County councilman David Irons, current elections director Sherril Huff, former elections manager Julie Kempf, former bank executive Bill Anderson, government gadfly Christopher (Chris) Clifford and state Sen. Pam Roach. You can see their candidate statements here.

According to King County officials, this is the largest number of ballots sent in a single election, surpassing the previous record, set by Los Angeles County.

In order for your ballot to count, it must be postmarked by Feb. 3, or put into a county drop-box by 8 p.m. on election day.