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‘Morrow Lane’ coming to Piper Village

The pedestrian/auto lane that winds through the under-construction Piper Village apartment/retail complex behind Bartell and Blockbuster on 85th Street will be named Morrow Lane, reports the Greenwood Blog. Here’s the view of the lane under construction from one of the new apartments above:

Kate Martin, president of the Greenwood Community Council and one of the naming contest judges, reports that 133 suggestions were received, although she says many were humorous and not real contenders.
Morrow is the name of the family that has owned the land for more than 100 years.
The winner of the contest is 6-year-old Kathleen Brown, of Greenwood. She won a $300 gift certificate to Top Ten Toys.
The lane will eventually continue to Greenwood Avenue when that phase of the Piper Village project is completed in the next few years.