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Are you a property crime victim? Seattle Police may have your stuff

The Seattle Police Department has uncovered a large crime ring that operated in Seattle, and possibly in our area. At least 11 suspects committed various crimes including burglary, auto theft, car prowl thefts, trafficking in stolen property and drug trafficking.

If you were a victim, filed a police report and and have documentation showing proof of ownership of what was stolen, then you can visit the North Precinct and view a CD of photos of hundreds of recovered items, to see if your property is there.

Call the North Precinct before you go: 206-684-0850; 10049 College Way N

Below is the full SPD press release and more details.

Seattle – Between December 2nd and 11th 2008, Seattle Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force (MTCF) uncovered a large crime organization involving at least 11 suspects who were Over the course of 10 days the Major Crimes Task Force conducted multiple search warrants in the East, West and North precinct areas. Hundreds of suspected stolen items were recovered during the investigation, to include medical equipment, which was stolen in a car prowl in the north precinct area; this equipment is valued at over $1.4 million. Over the last 3 weeks MCTF detectives have been processing the recovered property. Based on the investigation, MCTF detectives confirmed the crimes were committed in the Seattle area as well as the city of Bellevue. This crime ring may have also impacted other jurisdictions. MCTF detectives are now prepared to distribute photos of the recovered property for crime victims to view, and attempt to identify their stolen property. Detectives have prepared a CD with over 500 photographs of the recovered property for local area news outlets to present to the public.

If a Seattle citizen was a victim of crime where property was stolen, and the crime occurred prior to December 11th, 2008 we would like them to view the photographs and attempt to identify their stolen property. A police report of the crime is necessary, along with documentation of ownership (i.e. purchase receipt, serial number, owner applied number etc.) The Seattle Police Department has established a message line for victims related to this investigation. If an item is identified the citizens should call the Seattle Police Department at 206-684-4381. Citizens should leave a message that must include the following, their name, case number, a description of the stolen item and the item number from the photo they viewed.

South, West and North precincts have been provided with a Compact Disc of the stolen property. You may stop by one of the listed precincts during regular business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to view the disc.

You should call the precinct before you stop by to ensure the disc is available.

South Precinct- 3001 South Myrtle St.- 206-386-1850

West Precinct – 810 Virginia St. – 206-684-8917

North Precinct- 10049 College Way N. -206-684-0850

Update: To make things easier, they’ve added an e-mail address you can use. Send your name, police case number and a detailed description of your stolen property to pawn.goods@seattle.gov.