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Cancer Lifeline expanding slightly to become ‘community center’

Cancer Lifeline’s administrative offices at 6522 Fremont Ave. N., on the east side of Phinney Ridge, will be changing into a “community center” with approval from the city. The building is in the middle of a single family zone, but has been used as offices and for meetings and classes since 1997. They’ll be adding 300-square-feet to the second story.

According to the land use decision:

The primary focus of the community center is to provide a variety of support and discussion groups for individuals coping with the effects of cancer.

Cancer Lifeline already has six parking spots in the lot behind the building, and another eight along the street that the hearing examiner determined were “all but dedicated to the site.” With the land use decision, they aren’t required to add any more parking. The examiner determined that Cancer Lifeline is not substantially changing their function, since they already offer classes and support groups, but that the classification of “community center” is more appropriate.