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Greenwood Ave business reports dangerous man

The folks at Zak and Zoe’s dog boutique on Greenwood Avenue and 74th Street want the public to know about an incident that happened on Saturday.

We had a freaky guy come into our store and threaten customers and staff. The business next to us had a similar situation. We would like to let people and businesses in the area know that this person is potentially dangerous and to please call 911 if they see him. He will threaten to kill you and grabs at you. He is in his 60’s-ish, white with long gray hair and lots of wrinkles. He was seen Saturday wearing a green coat, gray pants with blue shorts over and a red shirt, very scruffy, probably homeless. He yells that he will kill you and is obviously unstable…
Neighboring staff mentioned seeing him act aggressively as well. When he came into our store he was very aggressive and threatening, we called to police but they were slow in coming. He left our store and was across the street at the bus stop when the police finally did drive by, but he hid from them and they drove on by. So, important to call the police, repeatedly if necessary (which it apparently is) and be really careful. He doesn’t have a problem lunging at children and pets, as this is what we have seen him do.
Hope this helps keep people safe. He needs to be picked up so he can get the help that he needs.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?