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The Grinch who stole a Christmas tree

Walk by the southwest corner of 1st Ave. NW and NW 76th St. and you’ll notice a stick with a sign stuck in the planting strip. That sign commemorates a tree lovingly planted and tended by the homeowners for four years – until someone dug it up the night of Dec. 2.

The sign is titled “Eulogy for a California Cypress” and contains this message:

A natural beauty stood here. A tenacious tree known for withstanding the wild winds off the Pacific. Regrettably, it could not withstand someone’s stupidity. On the night of Dec. 2nd, someone dug this beautiful tree out of the ground, and took it.
I nurtured you, shaped you, and watched you grow. You brought me great joy.
I fear you were taken for use as a Christmas tree. I hope that instead, you may have a successful transplant, and live on to show your beauty to others.
I know you will bring joy to those undeserving folks who now possess you. 

Thanks to Brian for the tip.