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Enjoying the winter wonderland

Lots of people are out today taking in the snow, mostly on foot and on skis.

Some plows have been hitting Greenwood Avenue – as evidenced by the mound of snow running down the middle of the road – and what little traffic there is, is moving.

We even saw #5 Metro bus clipping along at a brisk pace. With all the people staying close to home, business has been good for some local businesses including Metropolis and Herkimer Coffee on 74th and Greenwood. On the downside, Herkimer’s pastry supplier couldn’t make it to their store, so all they had left was some biscotti and tea cookies.

The freezing rain that fell early this morning not only left a glaze on the snow, it coated tree branches.

Fortunately, it didn’t appear to be enough to break any limbs. How are things looking in your neighborhood?