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Need help on converting from ‘rabbit ears’ to digital TV?

Neighbor Phil Fenner wants to help anyone who’s still a little confused by the whole notion of converting from an old-fashioned TV with “rabbit ears” to digital – which happens in February:

I’m an engineer who works on medical imaging equipment and a long-time home entertainment and general electronics hobbyist. I just got myself a couple of converter boxes for different types of TVs, played around with various antennas, and have done a lot of research on the new standard and helped my immediate neighbors also get on DTV and avoid cable.
I imagine there are quite a few holdout rabbit-ear types in this area where in-city over-the-air reception is pretty good, and I just want to help any who might be interested in taking advantage of this new medium and avoiding unnecessary long-term contractual service obligations when what they want (and more) is being broadcast right over the air!
Anybody interested in tips as to how to do it (and it’s easy, but not completely plug-n-play) can email me for tips! I’m at [email protected]. I envision our neighborhood having a fairly large number of non-cable folks like me, if so don’t capitulate now, the ComCast ads saying they offer a solution are half-truths! And no need to buy a brand-new TV… in most cases a box will do it, and you can get $40 off with a gov’t coupon.