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PNA Giving Tree still has lots of requests

The Phinney Neighborhood Center’s annual Giving Tree project started Nov. 24 with nearly 400 requests from children and adults, and there are plenty of tags left on both the tree in the lobby at Phinney Avenue N. and 67th St., as well as a second tree in the lobby of the Greenwood Senior Center at 525 N. 85th St.
Wrapped gifts need to be returned by noon Dec. 13. Judith Wood, volunteer coordinator at the PNA, told us that most of the tags left on the PNA’s tree are for teens and ask for $25 Fred Meyer gift cards, which you can buy at the PNA’s office so you don’t have to go to the store. A portion of the proceeds from gift cards sold at the PNA will support their preschool co-ops. Most of the tags for younger children, which ask for toys and clothes, are on the Senior Center’s tree.