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Join the Poetry Polar Bear Club

A group of brave souls clad only in “white poetry bikinis” and flowing words will take the plunge for poetry at noon, Saturday, Dec. 13 at the Green Lake Bath House.

Poet organizer A. K. “Mimi” Allin is looking for 25 hardy individuals to join her, along with a host of happy, warm, non-bikini volunteers to bear witness, hand out towels and take pictures. She also needs Polar Bear poetry written just for the occasion. If you’ve got something suitable – or a swim suit – contact Allin at mimiallin at gmail.com.

“This will be a frequent-shopper, heart-stopper, one-of-a-kind event– right here in sunny Seattle! I do believe we can help the public get over their fears. Together we can. Oh yes we can,” Allin says.

Allin offered up the chilly performance art exhibition as part of her platform in the race to be Seattle’s Poet Populist. A winner should be announced shortly.