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Wacktastic Light Show expands west to 8th

The Greenwood Phinney Wacktastic Light Show boundary has been extended west to 8th Avenue NW. Here’s a link to the map.

When we first wrote about this a month ago, the boundary was 3rd Avenue NW and several people here called out for it to be moved to what many consider the neighborhoods’ western boundary.

Organizers are hoping to start a holiday light tradition in the area. There’s even a contest and prizesfor the most wacktastic home. Contestants should keep their lights up for the entire month of December. Judging will take place Dec. 17, and on Dec. 21, you can join the judging ceremony party at the Greenwood Collective.

Update (10/23): Wacktastic organizers Beegee and Kelly say they were on the fence as to whether 8th Avenue was Greenwood or Ballard. They were also worried about the event getting too big, since it’s just the two of them working on it currently. But when they saw a “Welcome to Greenwood” sign at 8th Avenue and 85th, they knew they had to change it.

They say the response from area businesses has been so fantastic they’re expanding from first, second and third prize winners to a whole host of categories.

We originally said we’d have a first, second and third prize winners, but now we’re realizing that we need to have lots of winners. For example Prettiest, Most Classic, Most Fire-Hazard Worthy, Scariest, Sexiest, Funniest, Most Colorful, Cleverest, Trashiest, Most Natural, Most Wintery, Most Artsy-Fartsy, Most Political, Best Kid Made, Most Recession Proof (Thriftiest), Most “Greenwood”, Community Favorite, and of course, Most WACKTASTIC!). We just need the residents to be as psyched.

Also, I saw on your last posting of this that some Scrooges were grumbling about the electric bills. To which we say: you don’t need to enter! But if you do enter and win, you can regift your prizes for the holidays. So really, if you do a good job, you’ll be SAVING money!

Really, this is just one way we’re trying to bring the community of Greenwood Phinney together when the weather is less than spectacular. And spiff up the hood so other Seattlites will come visit and patronize our cool shops and restaurants.