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Holiday lights on PNA tree and tower

Who says Christmas lights can only go on trees? Some folks from the Phinney Neighborhood Center want to gussy up the old air raid tower for the holidays.
The informal PNA Holiday Lighting Committee, consisting of PNA people Ed Medeiros, Bill Fenimore and Mary Lee Newman; local artist Anna McKee; Metropolis owner Terry Heimen; and Mike Veitenhans of MV Home Inspection; are taking the “Wacktastic” challenge we wrote about last month.
Here’s their plan:

We’re going to outline the platform and two guardrail rungs of the air raid tower in the park with multi-colored LED lights, illuminate the yellow generator/siren in the center of the platform with small LED spot/flood lights and outline the roof and cupola of the Blue Building with the same multi-colored LED lights used on the tower. Cost of this “very green and enlightened” (go ahead and groan, but the combined power demand of all the LED lights is only 150 watts) is around $800.

Greenwood True Value is selling them 60 strings of the large C9 LED lights at cost, and several businesses and people have already contributed $450, but they need another $350 from the community to pull it off. And they’re looking for volunteers to help install all those lights the weekend after Thanksgiving.
They plan to have a lighting ceremony at the end of the first day of the PNA’s Winter Festival, at 5 p.m. Sat., Dec. 6.
Anyone who wants to help with the project can email Mike Veitenhans at [email protected] or call him at 206-930-8374.