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Lost dog with Woodinville tag caught

Nickz writes in Comments that the dog has been reunited with its owner:

We are the neighbors of the people who found the dog. The owner contacted them and was reunited with the dog the same night it was found. The owner was house-sitting for his daughter on 78th St. It was a 13 year-old Wheaton Terrier. The owner could not figure out how he got out – he is apparently quite the escape artist.

By the way – the dog had a chip, which we took to the 24 hr. vet on Stone Way to get ID’d. However, the chip had no information attached to it. Please remember to send in the info once you get your dog’s chip implanted! In this case, the breeder said the info was sent in, but it obviously never was.

Kathy sent us this note:

I’m hoping you can post a lost dog notice on the blog. His tag says his name is Riley, and the address lists Woodinville. He’s an off-white, golden labra-doodle type mix.

We found him today on the 500 block of N. 79th. We are locking him in the garage overnight and will call the Humane Society in the morning, as our yard has no fence and we have two dogs.

Inquiries can be sent to [email protected] or (206) 334-3661.