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Be safe trick-or-treating tonight!

Trick-or-treating is so much fun, but also has the potential to be dangerous, considering that it’s dark out, and kids wear costumes that may be hard to maneuver in or have a mask that restricts their vision. To help keep your little ones safe, AAA recommends:
– Selecting highly visible costumes, with bright colors or reflective strips. And put reflector tape on treat buckets, too, to really increase visibility.
– Make sure their costumes fit well, so they don’t trip while crossing the street, and don’t let them wear a wig or hat or mask that doesn’t allow for peripheral vision.
– Review safety precautions with your children, including traffic safety rules such as staying on the sidewalk, crossing only at crosswalks or well-lit intersections, don’t dart out between parked cars, and always stop at driveways to make sure no vehicles are coming in and out.
– Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries.