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Seattle time capsule looking for contributions

Our friends at the West Seattle blog wanted us to spread the word about a new time capsule being put together in time for the 157th anniversary of the landing of the Denny Party at Alki. The time capsule will be buried at the new Alki Beach Statue of Liberty Plaza on Nov. 13.
The Southwest Seattle Historical Society is coordinating the project, and they want the capsule to include items showing what life was like on Nov. 13, 2008, all over Seattle. Items could be something simple – a photo of you and your child walking to school, minutes from a neighborhood association meeting, or, perhaps, a printout of your favorite local news blog (hint, hint).
The time capsule will be opened on Nov. 13, 2058, the bicentennial of the Denny Party landing. Stay tuned for details on exactly how and when to submit items.
Also, the group is looking for volunteers to help make sure schools and other organizations know about their effort. Please e-mail Andrea Mercado of SWHS at [email protected] if you want to help.