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Trick-or-treaters take over Greenwood and Phinney

Somewhere north of 1,000 costumed kids and their parents paraded through the Greenwood and Phinney Ridge business districts today, picking up way more sugar than children should probably be allowed to eat.

The bubble machine outside the Rub a Dub Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash in Phinney Ridge was a total kid magnet, as usual.

There were some really great costumes, including this one of the anime figure, Kirby, spotted outside Berserk Games.

We even saw a couple decorated strollers, including these two:

Kids took in a bunch of games and activities at the Greenwood Harvest Fest in Greenwood, including tic-tac-toe…

… and pin the nose on the pumpkin.

Lots of parents suited up as well, including this ostrich rider we spotted on Greenwood Avenue just north of 85th. There’s a small fan on his butt (the ostrich’s), which keeps the costume inflated and the wearer well-ventilated.

A ghost dad accompanied a passel of kids, including one in a cool dragon costume.

Plenty of business owners and employees dressed up as well, including these two outside Taco Del Mar.

Frankenstein was back again this year outside the 74th Street Alehouse. Most kids wanted to give him a very high five, but this little girl tried to stay as far away as possible while she edged over toward the candy.

Rising Stars had a crowd of kids bottling up the sidewalk.

While most of the kids were pretty tiny, there were quite a few adult-sized teens on the prowl for treats as well.

One can only hope they didn’t melt down like some of the younger kids…