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Art Up/Open Up event coming for holidays

The Greenwood and Phinney neighborhoods are going to start hosting a monthly art walk beginning 6-9 p.m., Dec. 12. If your business is interested in participating in the art walk, or simply staying open late to serve the crowd of art walkers, contact the chamber by Dec. 1.

John Osgood and Michele Persinger, owners of Bherd Studios, are involved in the art walk project. They are also moving their studio from 315 NW 85th St. to Greenwood Collective, 8537 Greenwood Ave. N. and volunteering at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club for the “Art Up” program, which is the new Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce program that focuses on engaging teens in art. They will be working with them on upcoming mural projects in 2009.

Speaking of murals, check out a video that chronicles the creation of a mural at 23rd and Dearborn by Osgood, who created the Art Up Mural on NW 85th next to their studio.