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Tonio the cat is missing from Lower Phinney

Update: Tonio was found near his home Wednesday night about 9:45. Sally and Max sent out a note that read in part:

Wanted to let you know that Tonio is back in our home tonight, resting well and healthy, albeit a bit skinny, tired and somewhat traumatized from his 6 day adventure. 
We got a call around 9:45 this evening from a neighbor who lives on 7th, just south of 70th.  She reported that she had seen a kitty fitting Tonio’s description in a house that is being remodeled (one door south of the yoga studio), a house currenlty not being lived in.  She noticed him thru the window last evening, then saw our posting and realized it was the same little guy. 
Max and I went to the house with flashlights and called to Tonio thru the windows; it didn’t take long before he heard us and started meowing… 
Doree, I would appreciate it so much if you’d post some portion of this happy ending for all to see. Not just for the folks who were kind and receptive and looking out for Tonio, but also as an important reminder to stay aware and open to what’s around us. The woman who called us was listening to her intuition as well as being a compassionate/concerned neighbor. One of the silver linings of this whole harrowing experience for me was meeting many many lovely people who invited me into their homes (basements, garages, sheds, yards) to search for Tonio. I hope I can be as helpful to others in the future

Sally & Max are desperately looking for their long-haired brown tabby named Tonio. He has a fluffy tail and was last seen wearing a pink/green/brown striped collar with a black tag. He went missing from 7013 6th Ave. NW last Thursday, Oct. 2.
While passing out flyers to neighbors this afternoon, Sally told us that Tonio is extremely shy and may be hiding in someone’s basement, garage or shed, and may not meow to be let out. If you see him, please call Sally or Max at 206-852-0568.