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Vote for bikini polar bear poetry

Phinney organizer & poet A. K. “Mimi” Allin is running for Seattle Poet Populist 2009. You may remember Mimi for her poetry umbrellas, or for sending 100 poetry T-shirts running around Green Lake, or for sitting outside for a year as The Poetess at Green Lake.

She’s spent two years as curator of Untitled [Intersection], a performance art/poetry series at the Phinney Center (see events for upcoming performances), she’s been a wandering performance artist at the Greenwood Art Walk, a guerrilla artist at the Ballard Art Walk and as she calls herself, a “general instigator and dialogue sparker.”

Quoting her post, here’s her platform:

1. POETRY POLAR BEAR CLUB. The world’s first ever Poetry Polar Bear Club. I vow to put 20 poets _into_ Green Lake this December, wearing only teensy weensy white poetry bikinis. Who said poetry couldn’t be fun?!

2. MEMORIZE THIS! You’ve got a home-cooked meal in your repertoire, but what about a love poem? Do you have one of those up your sleeve? Sometimes all is takes is one drop-dead, seductive, get-em-every-time love poem. I challenge you. Memorize one poem this year. Not ready for a love poem? How about a good-bye poem? Or a welcome home poem? Woo with confidence. Toast with pride. I’ll help.

If that’s a platform you can support, you can vote for her here.

And if you want to comment, try it in the form of a sonnet. Or if you have little time, type out any old rhyme.