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Bus routes 28, 358 overflowing

The push to be environmentally conscious, followed by high gas prices have swelled the ranks of bus riders, according to this story. Ridership on the 28 is up 15.7 percent from a year ago, compared to 7 percent overall for Metro. If you’re a 358 rider, you’ve likely experienced a “pass up.” That’s when a full bus blows by your stop. Drivers on the 358 reported 640 pass-ups in May compared to 443 a year earlier. Metro officials say that number may be understated, as one reported pass-up could take in several stops.

The 28 and 5 have been a lot more crowded based on personal experience, especially coming home from downtown Seattle. What changes have you seen in the last year or so? Got any coping advice for riders? Heck, got any funny/odd or horrific stories to share about your bus commutes?