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Lost dog ran away after thunderstorm

UPDATE: As of Sept. 1, Athena’s owner, Dianna, reports that Athena is back home. Here’s what she posted in the comments section:
Thank you all – Athena is back home!! I didn’t even know this was posted until today (a neighbor told me) so my thanks to you and the respondents. Athena escaped somehow (over our 6 foot fences in the back yard) and ended up “breaking in” to a yard (also with 6 foot fences) to the company of two other dogs. The owners took her to a local vet where they saw our flyer and got her back to us. Thanks to everyone who was keeping an eye out for her!!!!

Athena is a Golden Retriever mix that ran away from her Phinney home after getting spooked during Monday’s thunderstorm.
Flyers on telephone poles describe her as having white on her chest, paws and tip of her tail. She weighs about 60 pounds. She is friendly but probably scared. She was wearing a turquoise bandana and is microchipped, but wasn’t wearing her collar with tags.