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It’s primary election day

It’s the “top two” primary, which means the top two in each race will proceed to the general election, regardless of party. So get out and vote (or mail in those absentees.) Here in the 36th district, the big showdown is the state legislative battle between Reuven Carlyle (D), John Burbank (D) and Leslie Bloss (R) — which may become our state’s most expensive legislative race ever.
As of 2:30 a.m.the results of the “top two” primary are: John Burbank, 42.21%, Reuven Carlyle, 41.53% and Leslie Bloss, 16.26%. As expected, Burbank and Carlyle are neck-and-neck, and the two Democrats will proceed to the general election where they’ll face off for the 36th district legislative seat. Get ready for a lot more signs around the neighborhood.