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Extras needed for film being shot at Sandel

The filming at Sandel Playground Tuesday is for a feature-length comedy and they will need extras from 9 a.m. to noon, according to writer/director John Silva.

Silva was nice enough to take time out from filming to give us a description of the movie: “‘A/V’ is the story of Duane, a successful salesman who longs to be a writer but never quite finds the time. After an eye-opening experience, Duane abandons his current career path and takes a less demanding position as a hotel A/V technician. His new job gives him time for creative dawdling, but his colorful co-workers cause him to question: Is this the type of place to nurture one’s dreams or one’s hangover?”

Silva says they started shooting “A/V” in May and their first location was the Baranof on Greenwood Avenue. He’s hoping to have the movie edited by late fall before submitting it to film festivals.