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Snoose Junction opening Greenwood pizzeria

Environmentally friendly Snoose Junction Pizza of Ballard, is opening a second store on the far north end of Greenwood.

If you’re not already familiar with them, Snoose Junction has gotten rave reviews for their finely crafted pizza, as well as their use of recycled building materials in their first restaurant and their delivery of food by bicycle.

The new 45-seat restaurant in a strip mall near the southwest corner of Greenwood Avenue and Holman Road will open in September at 10406 Holman Road, according to General Manager Mark Ball. It will also include a full-service bar upstairs with seating for 40.

They’re also opening a dispatch center, so both stores will use the same number, 789-2305. Ball assures us they used recycled materials in this build as well, including bowling lanes from the recently closed Sunset Bowl, flooring from Garfield High School, bleachers from Lincoln High School, and found doors and kitchen rails.

BTW, thanks for the tip, Paul! Sorry I forgot to mention that earlier.