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36th District race heats up – for Democrats

Two Democrats who hope to replace longtime 36th District Rep. Hellen Sommers in the state Legislature are in full campaign swing, judging by the number of signs dotting lawns throughout the area.

The Seattle PI published a backgrounder today on Queen Anne resident Reuven Carlyle, a follow-up to a profile they did last week on John Burbank, who lives in Phinney Ridge.

In previous years, this election would essentially be over after the August primary, with the top Democrat going on to win against a token Republican opponent in the heavily Democratic district. But with a change to a top-two primary, Burbank and Carlyle are expected to both be on the November ballot.

And if you’re wondering, Leslie Bloss has filed as the Republican challenger, but according to the Seattle PI, has yet to raise more than $150 for her campaign.

For more background on the candidates, visit Burbank’s site and Carlyle’s site.