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A mystery is afoot in Phinney & Greenwood

Grab your pipe and magnifying glass and do your best Sherlock Holmes impression during the third annual Gumshoe 5K Walk, part of Mystery Week, Aug. 8-17. Organized by Mike Veitenhans (hubby to the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Mary Lee Newman), it’s a fundraiser for the Greenwood Senior Center, which is now a part of the PNA.
Purchase a $20 Gumshoe Entry Form at the PNA, Metropolis or Phinney Market and follow the clues on a 3.1-mile walk around the neighborhood. Return your entry form by Aug. 17 for a drawing for several hefty Fred Meyer gift certificates. “We have a great walking neighborhood,” Mike says. “It’s a fundraiser but it’s a community builder.”
They’ll also be showing several “bad but free” Outdoor Mystery Movies in the PNA parking lot on Aug. 8 and 15; and there’s a contest to produce the best 45-second long video on “What’s so mysterious about Phinney/Greenwood.” (Watch the promotional video on YouTube right here.)